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Subscriber Repeater Access!

Welcome to Long Island's premier GMRS Repeater System.

Joining our network means becoming part of the largest GMRS Repeater System on Long Island, powered by three strategically located repeaters that ensure comprehensive coverage across the entire island.

Your support through a yearly subscription, which expires one year from your enrollment date, is crucial for sustaining our operations. We owe our existence to the dedicated backing of our subscribers, and we extend our sincere gratitude in advance for your support.

Your subscription fees contribute to essential aspects of our system, including tower rental on three commercial sites, maintenance and acquisition of professional-grade Repeater and linking equipment, and the provision of a robust RF backup linking system for contingency purposes.

For just a single annual payment of $50, you gain exclusive access to all three repeater sites and our user-friendly Smartphone App, allowing you to stay connected from anywhere in the world. Opt for our $100 Family option to extend these fantastic benefits to everyone in your household. Considering the comprehensive offerings and cost-effectiveness, BTG stands out as the top GMRS option on Long Island.

Kindly note that your subscription process will only be finalized upon completing the PayPal payment on the next page. Thank you for choosing BTG Communication's

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