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BTG Communications was originally started Back in 2013 as S.H.T.F.L.I (Shit hits the fan Long Island) By four Friend’s that saw a huge need for back-up communications following the devastation that hurricane Sandy left behind. The project started out with different types of radio communication’s ranging from the use of CB radio equipment which didn’t work because of the coverage we were trying to obtain.

Then the use of Amateur radio equipment was the next thing we tried, but there were a few problems with that as well. The four of us had our Amateur radio licenses but the rest of our family members did not. And not to mention that most of the Amateur radio repeaters across the island had no power and were not working anyway.

So, with some research we found the GMRS Radio band. This is a radio service that allows us to use repeaters just and have a huge coverage area similar to the Amateur radio band, But even better because the license can be purchased by anyone and it covers all your family members under the same roof. This was just perfect for what we were looking to do for ourselves and our families.


Now it has grown into three sites located on commercial towers running on state-of-the-art equipment with generator backup. Our Towers are in Nassau County (Plainview), Suffolk County (Selden) and Eastern Long Island (South Hampton), making BTG the largest GMRS System on Long Island. Our coverage extends solidly into Queens and Brooklyn right straight through to the east end twin forks area. All three tower sites are linked which means your communications are transmitted and received all over Long Island with one key of the mic.

BTG also connects to the Midwest GMRS system in Illinois and Indiana on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s from 10am to 2pm and Sunday’s from 3pm to 7pm. It’s very interesting and fun talking to stations all over the country.

We are a family-oriented organization offering technical help with communications. Whether it be help with equipment purchases and setup, or radio programming, and even mobile and or base station installations. As we have learned from Hurricane Sandy, your regular means of communications will not be there in a large natural disaster so join us and be ready for the next big disaster

and please always remember

“By failing to prepare, You are preparing to fail”

(Benjamin Franklin)

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